How to Make Over $100,000 a Year
Working Under 20 Hours a Week

You Will Learn More During These 3-Days Than Most Entrepreneurs Learn in a Lifetime!
Then you must work your ass off if you truly want an amazing lifestyle business!

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What These 3-Days Are All About

During these 3-days I’ll share with you exactly how I built two (2) six-figure, office-not-required businesses that require less than 5-hours of my time per week (and how you can do the same).

I’ll also cut through the bullshit and share the details of the 80-hour workweeks I invested years ago to have this lifestyle today.

This will NOT be an event about “more information” or the so-called latest and greatest social media strategy. What you’ll walk away with is a rock-solid marketing SYSTEM to grow your business and free-up your time!


What You’ll Learn


How to Make More Money With a Marketing System
  • How to find prospects who want to work with you even more than you want to work with them!
  • How to hold a prospect’s hand and walk them to becoming a client!
  • How to turn clients into repeat clients!
  • How to turn prospects and clients into referral-generating machines!
  • How to create top-of-mind awareness so when a past prospect, client or someone they know needs your services, your name is on the tip of their tongue!



  • How to eliminate everything that does not help grow your business (get rid of the noise)!
  • How to automate everything that you’re doing now that could be taken care of with some simple technology!
  • How to outsource (delegate) everything that you hate doing or you do not do well, but that’s still essential to the successful operation of your business. And before you ask, no, you may not outsource marketing otherwise you may as well go and get a job!
  • How the creation of SYSTEMS is vital for anything you do more than once in your business (and how it’ll save you tons of time in the future)!
How to Minimize Your “Working” Hours



Mindset Shifts You MUST Adopt to Pull This Off
  • How to make more money by simplifying your business!
  • How to multiply your income by offering less, not more!
  • How to leverage your expertise to serve one-to-many instead of one-to-one!



  • It’s not about making more money!
  • It’s not about working fewer hours!
  • It’s about LEVERAGE (getting the most from the least)!
  • It’s about SCALABILITY (multiplying your income without multiplying your hours)!
  • But most importantly, it’s about creating a good life (one that YOU decide is good life)!
The Truth Regarding What This Training is Really About



The ONE Question You Must Ask to Truly Create an Amazing Business & an Amazing Life



  • Build a business model that practically guarantees recurring income!
  • Charge more for less and keep your clients happier than they’ve ever been!
  • Make more money in a month than you’ve made in a year!
  • Plus many, many more I’ll reveal in this training program!
Amazing Hacks That
Will Allow You To


Personal Note From Sameer

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to take just a minute to get rid of all the bullshit upfront.

This training is called, How to Make Over $100,000 a Year Working Under 20 Hours a Week!

Sure, it’s a cool name and who wouldn’t want this result? But guess what, if you want amazing results like this . . .

You must be willing to do what most people won’t for a short time so you can live like most people can’t for a long time!

I’ll show you what you need to do for that, “short time” but you must be willing to actually do it!

So if you’re expecting a glass of water and some get-rich-quick pill then I’m sorry, that’s not what this training program is about.

Building a lifestyle business is simple but it’s not easy. You must lay the foundation today so you can live well tomorrow. If you’re willing to do that, you’re a fit.

Keep life simple & always remember to play!

Sameer Kumar, J.D.


Requirements & Ground Rules



You Must Be an Expert

That means you get paid for the good stuff that’s in your head. We’re going to be talking about leveraging your expertise so this is vital.


This is a Partnership

I’m going to provide you the tools & resources you need but you MUST implement what you learn otherwise nothing will change.


There is No False Scarcity

None of that “You must buy right now or it’s gone forever” nonsense! Come in whenever you’re ready. Just make sure you’re WILLING to do the work to transform your business!


No Discounts or Special Pricing

This is my best stuff and I keep making the training better and better. If you’re looking for the cheapest training out there, this ain’t it.


There Are No Guarantees

If you need one this isn’t for you. As I said above, this is a partnership! I’ll do my part but for this to work . . . you must do yours as well!


You Must Play Full-Out

This is about creating an Amazing Business and an Amazing Life. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to take a risk. You’re already ahead of 99% of the population just by being here!


Be Cool

Not like leather jacket and motorcycle cool but, “I’m here to learn and if there’s anyway I can help someone else in the room, I will,” type of cool. This is about abundance, not scarcity!


Play & Have Fun

As much as this training is about business & marketing it’s also about getting your head out of your own ass (it happens to all of us) and realize it’s okay for business to be fun & for us to love what we do!


Here’s What You Need to Know


  • The next 3-Day is on January 12th, 13th & 14th.
  • We max out at 12 people (if we hit capacity I’ll get you into the next event).
  • You don’t need to worry about food . . . I’ve got that covered.
  • You don’t need to worry about a place to stay . . . I’ve got that covered.
  • You are here to learn both from what I teach and what I do.
  • There will be massive transparency and I will share things I don’t share anywhere else (there will ONLY be people I trust in the room).
  • We go from 10am to 6pm on each day (maybe end a bit earlier on day 3).
  • This takes place in New Jersey.
  • If your spouse is in town bring them out to dinner with us on one or both nights (support from your significant other is vital to build an amazing business and an amazing life).
  • This will NOT be one of those bullshit $297 events where you jump up and down, feel good and learn absolutely nothing!
  • You WILL learn the one thing you need to do to to generate multiple times any investment you’ve made to be here!
  • You are NOT here to “break even.”
  • You will leave these 3-days knowing what to do, what to do first & how to do it.
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IMPORTANT: Please only sign-up if you are dead-serious about building a 6-figure, office-not-required, lifestyle business AND you are willing to work your ass off! I am not going to give you some magic pill. I will however show you exactly how to build a marketing SYSTEM that allows you to generate more money and how to lay the foundation for a business that allows you to work fewer and fewer hours . . . a true “lifestyle” business!


What if it Turns Out You’re Not a Fit?

If it turns out that you’re just not quite ready for the 3-day, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you still get some strategies, tools and resources to get you rolling in the right direction and if all goes as planned, you’ll join us in just a few months.