A Little Background as to Who I Am and How I Think

(and why you may, or may not, want to listen to me)

Let me start with the most important thing.  I’m a simple, happy guy who lives a simple life and runs a simple business (well, reasonably simple). I hate stress and honestly, I don’t handle it very well so everything I do and teach is premised on simplicity.

Now if you’re an entrepreneur who has ever felt, “I’m way too smart to be working so much and making so little!” or “I’m really good at what I do but I suck at marketing!” or “I really wish things were simpler!” then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll benefit from being here.

When I talk about business and marketing it’s always in the context of a “lifestyle business.” That means freedom of time and freedom of location.

None of this is about the fancy cars, the big house or designer brands.  It’s about building a simple business that allows you to live a happy, stress-free (fine, “reasonably” stress-free) life.

Now if you’re thinking about working with me, you’ve gotta be willing to challenge “conventional” thinking.  You’ve gotta be willing to question everything! (yes, even my stuff)

It’s so easy to be engulfed by the “noise” that we MUST take the time to ask, “Hey, does this even make sense?”  When someone says, “Life is short.” ask them, “What do you have that’s longer than life?”  When someone says you need to have an elevator pitch, ask them, “Do you know the only thing more boring than giving an elevator pitch?  Listening to one!”

When someone says, “You’re not allowed to do that.”  Assuming it’s not illegal of course, you can decide whether to ask for permission, to ask for forgiveness or to not ask for either and just do it!  So when I say, “question everything” all I’m saying is to take a minute and THINK.

Now as far as my background goes, I’ve been running my own law practice since 2001. After about 2 years of being on my own I was still making under $30K a year and working over 60 hours a week.

But I continued to work my ass off and yes, I kept making more and more money. But it just never seemed fast enough not to mention the hours got longer and longer.

So in 2006 I decided something had to change. I stopped doing what every other lawyer was doing and started learning about marketing, outsourcing, automation, systematization and my personal favorite, human psychology!

Within a few months (okay fine, a few years) I had created a business where I was working under 20 hours a week and making well over $100K a year! But in less than 12-months of that, I was under 5 hours a week and making even more.

In 2008 I wrote a book for lawyers titled, “How to Make Over $100,000 a Year Working Under 20 Hours a Week” and started teaching other solo attorneys to build their own lifestyle law practices.

Since I wrote the book, I matured a bit . . . sorta 😉

When I started teaching I really thought it was all about the money. But the more I taught, and learned, I discovered this was about freedom. Freedom of time and equally important, the elimination of stress. Money is not the goal . . . it’s the tool to achieve that freedom.

And yes, I still own and own and operate my law practice and I teach solo experts and professionals (who are incredibly good at what they do but suck at marketing) how to build a SIMPLE, lifestyle business that gives them the freedom I talked about earlier.

At a personal level, I enjoy working with intelligent, progressive people who are doing well, striving to get better and are are interested in creating the “lifestyle” business I’m talking about.

I am married to a amazing woman, Karina (there she is) and had our first child in 2016.

I’ve been vegetarian since October 2012 and heading toward becoming a vegan (let’s see how that works out). I’m also a big fitness guy (working out with kettlebells and mountain biking particularly float my boat).

Finally, nothing is more enjoyable for me than dinner out with good friends and great conversation. Throw in a beer or whiskey for good measure!

I’m not a people-pleaser. I’m a down-to-earth guy and will always (maybe too often) give you a straightforward answer along with a dose of tough-love (“love” being the operative word). 

I’m one of the most nurturing alpha males you’ll ever meet.  Think of me as an asshole with a good heart. 😉

I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that requires me to be overly polite, politically correct or bend over backwards for people who could care less about me.

Finally, as you know, I question everything. Even more so as I get older. If anything, I wish I had started doing this earlier in life. One of my favorite questions is, “What if this simply wasn’t true?”

Too many people live in a world of scarcity where they believe they need to grab their share of the pie before someone else does. That’s not me or the people I work with.

I live in a world where there are more than enough pies to go around and if someone gets a piece before you, that piece was meant for them. Yours is waiting and will be better than the one you missed.

Welcome to my world!

Sameer (“sk”)