What Does It Really Take to
Make Over $100,000 a Year
Working Under 20 Hours a Week
Join Me for this LIVE Training on
Wednesday, August 31st at 1pm EST
(12pm CST | 11am MST | 10am PST)
A Few Ground Rules Before We Boogie
You Gotta Be An Expert

That means you get paid for the good stuff that's in your head. And of course you gotta be good at what you do.
There's No False Scarcity

If you're ready, you'll step-up. If you're not, you won't. Either way, there's no hard-sell and no bullshit.
There's No Magic Pill

But you already knew that. So stop looking for one and instead, apply consistent focus and consistent action towards what it is that you truly want to achieve in business and life.
You Gotta Be Willing to Work Your Ass Off

Every successful person you know got there through hard work. They did what most people won't so they could live like most people can't.
There Are No Guarantees

This is a partnership. I'll give you the tools, resources and knowledge you need but you gotta be willing to do the work.
Be Cool & Have Fun

This is about pulling your head outta your ass and realizing it's okay for business to be fun and to love what you do.